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12 May 2013

Ready for paint

The bottom has had two coats of primer. The first coat was Norglass Marine Primer that was left over from a previous project and the second was International Yacht Primer. They are quite different I found. The Norglass dries very hard and goes on quite thickly. The International Yacht Primer goes on thinly but sands so much more easily. I sanded the whole boat with 120 NoFil in a little over 15 minutes by hand (not that big a task as it is a little 11’ Moth after all!).

So, which do I prefer? Well, I’m lazy and all this prep for painting is very tedious, but has to be done. I’m always looking for shortcuts, and I reckon the International product is the primer that offers just that.

All primed and sanded. I cleaned him down with water and then a turps dampened microfibre rag. (They make great tack cloths dampened with turps)
Primer sanded

Oh, I can’t help myself. I found this great cartoon in a 1975 issue of the UK Moth Assn. yearbook. Little did the cartoonist know that these lightweight little boats would indeed fly one day!


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